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Webinar Write-up Series: Engineering In-person Recruiting Wins

In a recent live webinar, Ben Pekarek, senior Electrical Engineering student and President of the Purdue Engineer Student Council...

By Career Fair Plus • October 17, 2023

Tags: job fair, career fair planning, career services,

No, Ryan Craig, We Do Not Need To Abolish Career Services

In his call to Abolish Career Services, Ryan Craig tells us the rise of career services management systems (CSMs), especially...

By David Nicol, PhD • July 14, 2023

Tags: career services, careers, career planning,

How Do Students Get Noticed at Hiring Events?

You’re taking the next career step by attending a hiring event-congrats! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with...

By Career Fair Plus • March 1, 2023

Tags: job fair, college, interview,

2022 Spring Recruiting by the (CF+) Numbers

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

By Career Fair Plus • August 2, 2022

Tags: Career Fair, Hosting, job fair,

On-site Insights: Check-in & Analytics and Resume Drop

A decade ago a small technology startup reimagined in-person career fair best practices to facilitate more meaningful...

By Career Fair Plus • July 26, 2022

Tags: job fair, Career Fair Plus, career services,

Blue is the new Green

Career Fair Plus (CF+) partners with organizations ready to accelerate time to hire and create great candidate experiences....

By Career Fair Plus • March 25, 2022

Tags: Hosting, Technology, Career Fair Plus,

Five easy ways to elevate your in-person recruiting events with Career Fair Plus

Pivoting from in-person to online overnight was tough, but sudden access to real-time ROI eased the sting. Tracking attendance...

By Career Fair Plus • March 21, 2022

Tags: Virtual Job Fair, in-person, recruitingmetrics,

2021 University Recruiting Trends by the (CF+) Numbers

Your To Be Determined list is probably growing daily with the next career fair season approaching. What’s the best start time?...

By Career Fair Plus • February 9, 2022

Tags: Career Fair, Hosting, job fair,

Celebrating winning recruiting

Remember that $100 Amazon gift card we offered in December to someone who shared their story about a great recruiting win? We...

By Career Fair Plus • February 1, 2022

Tags: Career Fair, Recruiting Fair, Virtual Job Fair,

Plan Your Next Career Fair Faster with CF+’s Booth Assignment Tool

Our Career Fair Plus (CF+) team gets a lot of satisfaction from listening to our customers and applying our technology to solve...

By Career Fair Plus • October 24, 2019

Tags: Career Fair, Hosting, Technology,

Career Fair Planning: Selecting the Right Time to Host

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, today's college students are highly career-minded. At the same time, American...

By Career Fair Plus • December 5, 2017

Tags: job fair, Career Fair Plus, career services,

Your Portable Guide to Hosting Virtual Recruiting Events

Your new eBook goes beyond defining virtual career fairs to reveal:

  • Who hosts virtual career events by industry and type of program
  • Why virtual recruiting events are advantageous
  • How to plan a stress-free virtual career fair or recruiting event