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How Do Students Get Noticed at Hiring Events?

You’re taking the next career step by attending a hiring event-congrats! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with...

By Career Fair Plus • March 1, 2023

Tags: job fair, college, interview,

Creative Benefits To Attract Young Professionals

It takes more than an attractive salary to woo the top talent these days. Whereas the previous generations may have been...

By Nikki St. Martin • February 6, 2020

Tags: Recruiting Fair, college, Recruiting

Do You Have a Career Fair Elevator Pitch?

Do you have an elevator pitch ready for your next career fair? An elevator pitch is a quick and memorable summary of your...

By Career Fair Plus • April 3, 2018

Tags: Career Fair, Attending Career Fairs, college

How Many Job Fairs Should I Attend In a Year?

Job fairs can play a significant role at the start of your career. Attending career fairs gives you information about the job...

By Career Fair Plus • March 10, 2018

Tags: Career Fair, Attending Career Fairs, college

College Career Fairs: What Makes Them So Valuable?

College career fairs are a benefit to everyone involved: the recruiters, the students, and the college. What makes college career...

By Career Fair Plus • February 20, 2018

Tags: Career Fair, career fair planning, college

5 Benefits of attending college career fairs

Somewhat surprisingly, many students don't see the value in attending college career fairs. They would rather look for job...

By Career Fair Plus • October 4, 2017

Tags: Career Fair, Attending Career Fairs, college

Your Portable Guide to Hosting Virtual Recruiting Events

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