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Webinar Write-up Series: Engineering In-person Recruiting Wins

In a recent live webinar, Ben Pekarek, senior Electrical Engineering student and President of the Purdue Engineer Student Council...

By Career Fair Plus • October 17, 2023

Tags: job fair, career fair planning, career services,

They're Baaaack! Re-engaging Students for Fall Recruiting

What’s your plan for re-engaging upper-level students and interesting new students in career services this academic year? If...

By Career Fair Plus • August 28, 2023

Tags: career services, recruiting events, student job searches

How to Engineer Annual Recruiting Wins for 400+ Employers and 12,000 Students During a Two-day Event


The Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC) offers “Meetings” from Career Fair Plus (CF+) because their employers...

By Career Fair Plus • August 22, 2023

Tags: career services, recruiting events, talent acquisition

How Do Students Get Noticed at Hiring Events?

You’re taking the next career step by attending a hiring event-congrats! This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with...

By Career Fair Plus • March 1, 2023

Tags: job fair, college, interview,

Pros and Cons of Relying on Recruiting Technology to Match Students with Jobs

Since it’s recruiting season, let’s talk about college- or university-based career services teams using recruiting software to...

By Career Fair Plus • February 20, 2023

Tags: online career fair, recruiting events, virtual recruiting,

On-site Insights: Check-in & Analytics and Resume Drop

A decade ago a small technology startup reimagined in-person career fair best practices to facilitate more meaningful...

By Career Fair Plus • July 26, 2022

Tags: job fair, Career Fair Plus, career services,

Five easy ways to elevate your in-person recruiting events with Career Fair Plus

Pivoting from in-person to online overnight was tough, but sudden access to real-time ROI eased the sting. Tracking attendance...

By Career Fair Plus • March 21, 2022

Tags: Virtual Job Fair, in-person, recruitingmetrics,

Remarkable or Forgettable? Here are 5 Tips to Hosting a Remarkable Recruiting Event

What makes one recruiting event remarkable but another one forgettable? After all, the core structure is typically the same: job...

By Career Fair Plus • January 31, 2018

Tags: Career Fair, Hosting, career fair planning,

Career Fair Planning: Selecting the Right Time to Host

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, today's college students are highly career-minded. At the same time, American...

By Career Fair Plus • December 5, 2017

Tags: job fair, Career Fair Plus, career services,

Your Portable Guide to Hosting Virtual Recruiting Events

Your new eBook goes beyond defining virtual career fairs to reveal:

  • Who hosts virtual career events by industry and type of program
  • Why virtual recruiting events are advantageous
  • How to plan a stress-free virtual career fair or recruiting event