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How do I Build Long-Term Employer Relationships and Partnerships (Without Repeating the Same Old Same Old)?

Career services teams need solid, enduring employer relationships. These connections play a huge role in helping students land...

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How the Technology Adoption Curve Can Positively Impact Your Employer Relationship Management

Are you one of the hundreds of people lined up to buy The First anything or the last in your circle to use a technology everyone...

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Should I Use Email (or something else) to Best Engage Students During Their Job Searches?

Predictable debates about the best ways to engage student job candidates are surfacing nationwide as the spring recruiting season...

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Is Guaranteeing Students Jobs After Graduation a Good Thing?

Some colleges and universities are boldly guaranteeing their students future employment. While this may sound too good to be...

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2022 Spring Recruiting by the (CF+) Numbers

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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On-site Insights: Check-in & Analytics and Resume Drop


A decade ago a small technology startup reimagined in-person career fair best practices to facilitate more meaningful...

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2021 University Recruiting Trends by the (CF+) Numbers


Your To Be Determined list is probably growing daily with the next career fair season approaching. What’s the best start time?...

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4 Ways Career Fair Software Makes Planning Hybrid Recruiting Events Easier

Organizing successful recruiting events is challenging work. Determining which program model best meets participant expectations...

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Everything We Needed on One Platform: How Career Fair Plus Saved Our Career Fair During a Global Pandemic

COVID-19 has a lot to answer for in Higher Education. In a matter of days and weeks, we were supporting our students’...

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6 Important Steps to Ensure Your Virtual Career Fair Runs Smoothly

Helping job seekers is a multifaceted challenge heavily influenced by factors beyond our control. Shifting demand, evolving...

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Plan Your Next Career Fair Faster with CF+’s Booth Assignment Tool

Our Career Fair Plus (CF+) team gets a lot of satisfaction from listening to our customers and applying our technology to solve...

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How To Dress For An Interview

When you are on the job hunt, it’s important to have an interview look in mind for the career you’re going after. Whether you’re...

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Generate Revenue with Employer Videos

How many hours a day does the average Gen Z’er watch video?

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How Successful Are Your Career Fairs?

On a college campus, most career services departments host one or more career fairs each year. The actual planning and execution...

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5 Things All Career Services Professionals Can Relate To

People attend college with the hopes of graduating and landing their dream job - or for some, just a job in general. Students...

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Career Fair Planning: Selecting the Right Time to Host

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, today's college students are highly career-minded. At the same time, American...

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Your Portable Guide to Hosting Virtual Recruiting Events

Your new eBook goes beyond defining virtual career fairs to reveal:

  • Who hosts virtual career events by industry and type of program
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