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What You’re Missing if You’re Not Using Career Forge | ERM

By Career Fair Plus
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You’re busy, so here are the answers you clicked over for…

We’re continuously upgrading Career Forge | ERM, which means the benefits list can change weekly. Talk to Dale about what’s new since we posted this article. 

What is Career Forge | ERM?  

  1. ERM stands for Employer Relationship Management. 
  2. Career Forge | ERM is one of two technologies from Career Soft, LLC; Career Fair Plus (CF+) is the other. 
  3. Career Forge | ERM is the first Employer Relationship Management (ERM) platform designed to forge powerful connections and elevate student job search outcomes.


What are you missing if you haven’t upgraded to Career Forge | ERM yet? 

  1. Calm, productive, and comprehensive employer relationship management.
  2. Permission to use the only ERM built by former recruiters for career services. 
  3. Freedom from forcing employer relations data into spreadsheets or sales-based CRMs.
  4. Concierge onboarding, including integrating Handshake contacts and employers.
  5. Frictionless email integration with Gmail and Outlook. 
  6. Easily add new contacts from your inbox through a simple bcc.
  7. Ability to run reports on interaction history.
  8. Automatically seeing sent and received emails in the contact and company's activity feed.
  9. Add custom tags to employer and contact records to rapidly access crucial information.
  10. Daily email notifications of scheduled tasks and overdue items to never miss a touchpoint.
  11. Setting custom properties to gain granular insights and purposeful reporting.
  12. Strengthening vital relationships with people and data
  13. Reliable business continuity with seamless data handoffs during staff changes
  14. Using built-in task creation & assignment.
  15. Easy access to employers with default alphabetical sorting.
  16. Clear paths to settings, archives, and admin tools.
  17. Keeping hard-earned trust by staying connected when people change companies
  18. Power to purchase as many seats as you choose; no one gets left out.
  19. Ability to enter information from external data sources to minimize manual data entry.


What could you miss if you don’t onboard to Career Forge | ERM? 

  1. Innovative benefits developed in response to user feedback like
    1. Viewing sent or received attachments in individual activity feeds
    2. Sync meetings from your calendar
  2. Freedom from manipulating spreadsheets to work as employer relationship management software.
  3. Opportunities to easily engage employers in timely and specific interactions. 
  4. Critical performance data to inform future event and budget decisions
  5. Red flags about dissatisfaction from missed touchpoints


Direct, simple, clear, valuable, effective, and beneficial. 

Experience tells us you’ll add a few more adjectives to this list after previewing Career Forge | ERM yourself.


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Director of Business Development 

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