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Don't Get Left Behind: Modernize with this Career Fair Technology

By Career Fair Plus

Don't Get Left Behind Modernize with this Career Fair TechnologyAre you still organizing career fairs the old-fashioned way? If you didn’t know there was a new way, then the answer is yes! Utilize career fair technology and make your life as a career fair organizer easier than ever.

The list of to-do’s is extensive for a career services team. There are dozens of details to account and plan for. A list like this may be overwhelming for an organizer who is behind on new career fair technology.

“What new career fair technology am I missing?”

College career services around the country are embracing the latest and greatest application in career fair organization - Career Fair Plus! Institutions including the University of South Florida and Michigan Tech are putting together career fairs easier than ever by using the Career Fair Plus mobile application.

How Career Fair Plus Can Transform Career Fair Planning

Take the stress out of putting on a career fair with with our robust and easy-to-use mobile application. Some of the most common mistakes made by career fair organizers are:

  • Forgetting to give an employer an assignment
  • Assigning more than one employer to a booth
  • Assigning an employer to a non-existent booth
  • Mis-numbering booths on the map

The old way of hosting fairs (ink and paper) made successfully dealing with these problems on the day of the fair a near impossibility. With Career Fair Plus, you can take these easily-made mistakes out of the equation. The application allows career services employees to quickly see where employers have been assigned and where booths are still available.

Fair organizers can use their existing list of employers in the app and upload a digital image of the map. Using the app, simply click on an employer and then click on a booth hotspot to assign. One of the most exciting, and time-saving, features is “Auto Assign” which automatically assigns any employers without an assignment to an open booth and prevents any of the previously mentioned mistakes from happening.

Career Fair Plus also offers career fair insights that can improve your success rate. Data like the best month, day, and times to host a career fair can help ensure that you plan a prosperous fair.

Career Fair Plus is for Students, too!

Not only does Career Fair Plus offer so much for the organizers, this new career fair technology is loved by the students as well! Various features of the application take the stress out of attending a career fair for students.

A list of employers and a digital map allow students to plan ahead for their day of talking to recruiters. These resources allow student attendees to research companies before talking to employers; a step that recruiters find impressive. These tools also give students a chance to plan their day and route around the fair. They can pick which booths they will visit first, allowing them to maximize their time at the fair.

Coming soon, a feature all students and recruiters will love, Skip The Line! This new resource reduces the amount of time students spend waiting in line at career fairs. Instead, attendees can make appointments with recruiters. Check out how Skip The Line will change career fairs forever!

Nowadays, there’s an app for everything. You have an app to check the weather and count your calories - why not have an app that could make your job easier? Catch up with career fair technology by learning more about Career Fair Plus!

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