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How Skip the Line Changed Career Fairs Forever

By Career Fair Plus

How Skip the Line Changed Career Fairs ForeverEven those who have prepped and arrived early for a career fair have to wait in line to speak to recruiters. Company representatives find themselves rushing to interview candidates. When attending a career fair, you may find yourself in a “hurry up and wait” type of situation - unless you’re using Skip The Line from Career Fair Plus.

Transform the Career Fair Experience with Skip the Line

Efficiency is key when it comes to meeting with potential employers and future hires at a recruiting fair. Skip The Line is a feature beneficial to fair attendees, recruiters, and organizers.

Quit the Queue

There can be a lot of employers to talk to - you don’t have time to wait! Instead, use Skip The Line to schedule meetings with recruiters and ultimately save time. Without a way to pass up the line, it’s likely that you’ll be standing for several minutes waiting for your turn to speak with a company representative. With Skip The Line, you can book a time to meet with recruiters at the career fair, rather than waiting in line and wasting precious minutes that could be spent networking or speaking with other organizations.

Employer Efficiency

Recruiting can be exhausting. In your search for new employees, you may find yourself in a tedious, and often repetitive, process. When recruiting, your purpose is to talk with potential employees, get to know them, and decide whether or not they would be a good fit for your company. At a career fair, you and your colleagues must do this at a much faster pace because there is a line of 20 attendees waiting to speak with you - and the line doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter.

Thanks to Skip The Line, you have a chance to get to know these attendees ahead of time. This feature allows job seekers to upload their resume and create an online profile. If they are interested in your organization, they can submit their digital resume and online profile for you to review. Learn more about making the most of your time while recruiting at career fairs.

Optimal Fair Organization

Skip The Line doesn’t make lives easier just for the students and recruiters. This feature takes stress off of career fair organizers as well. This component of Career Fair Plus gives organizers a simpler way to help students meet with companies they're interested in, and gives companies enough time to learn about those applying. 

Students and employers are going to be excited about this feature and will want to keep coming back to your career fair because of previous positive experiences. This alone will make the job of coordinating a career fair easier. Get more tips on organizing a career fair.

Succeed with Skip the Line

No matter what role you have at a career fair, your experience is sure to be enhanced with help from Skip The Line. Save time standing in line, speaking with students, or planning. No more hurry up and wait thanks to this new feature from Career Fair Plus.

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