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Skip the Lines at In-person Recruiting Events with Meetings

Long lines at in-person recruiting events frustrate candidates and employers. And fewer interactions between job seekers and...

By Career Fair Plus • October 25, 2022

Tags: Career Fair, Skip The Line, Recruiting,

Improve Career Fair Efficiency with Skip The Line

In career services, one of the most common complaints about career fairs is the time wasted standing in line. Students spend...

By Career Fair Plus • December 20, 2018

Tags: Skip The Line, Career Fair Plus

Our Career Fair Software Makes Your Life Easier

The life of a career services team member is not easy - especially those tasked with planning career fairs. Lucky for those who...

By Career Fair Plus • October 29, 2018

Tags: Career Fair, Career Fair Mobile App, Skip The Line

What People Are Saying About Skip The Line

Since the launch of Skip The Line from Career Fair Plus this past fall, several colleges and universities have taken advantage of...

By Career Fair Plus • September 10, 2018

Tags: Skip The Line

Career Fair Software That You Can Use Now

Are you waiting around for the right tech to help you plan a career fair? The tools and resources you are looking for are out...

By Career Fair Plus • August 27, 2018

Tags: Career Fair Mobile App, career fair planning, Skip The Line

How Skip the Line Changed Career Fairs Forever

Even those who have prepped and arrived early for a career fair have to wait in line to speak to recruiters. Company...

By Career Fair Plus • June 5, 2018

Tags: career fair planning, Skip The Line

Your Portable Guide to Hosting Virtual Recruiting Events

Your new eBook goes beyond defining virtual career fairs to reveal:

  • Who hosts virtual career events by industry and type of program
  • Why virtual recruiting events are advantageous
  • How to plan a stress-free virtual career fair or recruiting event