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How Stable and Responsive is Your Event Hosting Software

By Career Fair Plus

Can it Handle 78,000 Resume Drops and 29,000 Attendees? 

Your event platform has to work for 29, 290, or 29,000 attendees.

By Dale Stelter, Director of Business Development


Whether you’re dealing with two-, three-, or five-figure numbers, every event host deserves a stable and responsive hosting platform that carries them from planning to reporting.


Here’s proof by the hundreds and thousands that you can host hassle-free recruiting events with Career Fair Plus bandwidth, reliability, and technical support.



Event Host: Purdue Engineering Student Council (PESC) 

Overview: The PESC annual Industrial Roundtable attracts 400+ employers and more than 12,000 engineering students focused on internship, co-op, and full-time positions in STEM, engineering, and related disciplines. PESC’s two-day Spring Expo attracts 200+ employers and 5,000 of Purdue’s globally sought-after engineering students.


Citation: Early hours of a PESC Industrial Roundtable


Resume Drop is the CF+ add-on feature for students to express direct interest in an employer before, during, and after an event. The “drop” is an almost instant student-employer connection and improvement over the typical process of recruiters searching candidate profiles and downloading resumes.  


Here’s a quick look at their numbers:


2023 PESC Spring Expo (In-person)





2023 PESC Industrial Roundtable (In-person)




2023 PESC Industrial Roundtable (Virtual)





A stable event hosting platform is crucial, no matter how many resume drops you’re processing. Whether you're hosting 4,516 students using Resume Drop on 417, everyone expects a seamless software experience. Deliver it with CF+.


Zach O’Donnell at the University of Bristol sent this “thank you” to our CF+ support team


Me using CFP


Be like Zach. 

Host with Career Fair Plus, including 

a hassle-free, fully integrated Event Registration!



Event Host: Anita

Overview:  Created in 1994 and inspired by the legacy of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, the flagship event, Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), brings the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront.


If you're wondering whether or not the CF+ customer support team can handle constant employer, student, and staff/host technical questions…

Their median response time on GHC opening day–with 29,000 attendees– was 1.5 minutes! The CF+ support team didn’t miss a beat as the virtual portion opened with over 70,000 meetings scheduled.


Grace Hopper Celebration, Orlando, FL 2023


Event Host: Auburn University, Harbert College of Business, School of Accountancy

Overview: Director of Recruiting & Professional Development and Program Champion Colby Lakas faced a tough decision as the sixth annual Local/Regional Firm Meet and Greet approached. Scheduled as an in-person event for April 2020, Lakas knew these recruiting opportunities were crucial, especially in an uncertain time. So, rather than cancel, she seized the flexibility offered by CF+ and pivoted the in-person event into the first online Resume Round-up (RRU). Students and employers loved the flexibility and personal touch of the RRU, especially during the overwhelming end of the spring semester. 


It worked then, and it’s still successful years later. 



Employers and students raved:

“Career Fair Plus made it incredibly easy to have students “drop” their resumes for viewing at our leisure. With little preparation, all the resumes of students who were interested in our firm appeared in one place; with the ability to make notes on each candidate and easily download the resumes for easy viewing later on, the resume round-up at Auburn couldn’t have been any easier. My favorite feature was the ability for students to add pictures!”

~ Jessica Ammons, Talent Specialist, Smith+Howard Advisory, LLC


"Resume Round-Up was the most streamlined recruiting event I have used during my time at Auburn. It took a total of five minutes to send my résumé to over 30 employers, resulting in 10 internship interviews for Spring 2024." 

~Jackson Skelton, Auburn University Harbert College of Business, Class of 2024


Recruiting event success often hinges on stable software and responsive customer service. These aren't performance perks; they're lifelines. Whether you expect 78 or 78,000 in-person, virtual, or hybrid interactions, your reliable platform is Career Fair Plus. 


Don’t let unstable software or non-responsive customer support derail your recruiting momentum. Evaluate your options today for hassle-free hosting tomorrow. 


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