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4 Questions to Make Yourself Sound Smarter at Your Next Career Fair

By Career Fair Plus

It’s normal to feel nervous or anxious about a career fair. The potential to secure employment is a lot of pressure, and that anxiety can often be a student’s downfall. However, knowing the right questions to ask at a job fair, can help students be successful even if nerves get involved!

Find a Way to Ask These Questions at a Job Fair

When attending a career fair and speaking with recruiters, you will be asked a lot of questions - but it’s important you also ask questions in return. Have questions prepared to ask employers to create a great first impression. Recruiters believe you are genuinely interested and eager to work for the company when you ask questions. It may seem difficult to come up with questions to ask at a job fair, but here are four easy ones to use:

1. What skills does the company value most in an employee?

As you’re speaking with a recruiter, you might start to get a feel whether or not this company and the position interests you. It’s difficult to know if you are a great fit, without learning more about what the company needs. Ask the recruiter what skills and attributes they look for and value most in their employees.

It’s important to listen closely to how a recruiter answers this question. Use their answer to tie back to specific examples and characteristics about yourself. Demonstrate these values and attributes and you become memorable to an employer.

2. What Does ___ Mean for the Company?

This question requires a bit of prior research. Once you secure a list of the employers that will be at the job fair, it’s important to look into each of them - especially the ones you are most interested. Visit the websites of the companies and read up on their mission, history, “about us”, current projects, etc. Use this knowledge and craft an intelligent question for the recruiter. Focus on positive news or subjects to base your question on. This question proves to recruiters you are truly interested and took the time to look into their company.

3. How could someone like me contribute to the company?

After the recruiter has had some time to review your resume or student profile, this question can help you learn more about open positions. Asking how you can contribute requires the recruiter to envision you working for the company, placing you in a position that they see fit for your experience, education, accomplishments, and attributes.

It helps to do some previous research for this question, too. If you already know what positions are available with the company, you can use the time before asking this question to tie your specific experiences and skills to the job description(s) you’re most qualified for.

4. May I contact you with further questions?

One of the most important questions to ask at a job fair is how to follow-up with a recruiter. A recruiter meets and talks with a lot of people at a career fair -- sometimes students don't always receive an email or phone call afterward. Request a business card or contact information from a recruiter. This gives you the chance to follow-up and contact them again, afterward.

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