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How To Prioritize Upcoming Job Fairs

By Career Fair Plus

How To Prioritize Upcoming Job FairsDepending on your location, you may find yourself surrounded by upcoming job fairs. Some towns with several colleges or universities in the area may all be putting on job fairs around the same time. For those who find themselves in this particular situation, you may need to figure out which job fairs to make your priority.

As you hear about local upcoming job fairs, start making a list. Determine when and where each of these job fairs are taking place and jot them down in your calendar. Start planning which fairs you are most interested in, based on:

Career Interests

Different college career services departments plan job fairs around fields and occupations. If there is a job fair based around your major or future career field, this should take priority. Recruiters and employers at this job fair will be looking to hire for positions you’re interested in.

If the job fair will contain a variety of career fields, make sure to do some research on the companies that will be there. Resources like the Career Fair Plus app have a list of the businesses and organizations that will be set up at the job fair, as well as a digital map of what booth they will be at. Take advantage of these tools to prepare who you plan to speak to, and research these specific companies. Having a background knowledge of a company when speaking to their recruiter is sure to leave a lasting impression!


Before adding another school’s job fair to your list, first make sure you are allowed to attend. Often times, universities and colleges require a valid student identification card to enter. If you are interested in attending an upcoming job fair at a school you are not a student at, contact the career services department to determine your eligibility to attend. If you are given the OK to attend a local job fair at another school, ensure you bring any and all documentation that career services requests.


Is your calendar cramped with upcoming job fairs? If you find there is more than one job fair happening on the same day, use the two above criteria to help you determine which is the most important for you to attend.

However, this coincidence isn’t likely to happen too often. Instead, you may find yourself having to choose one or the other because of work, school, or other events that take priority in your life. As you pick and choose the job fair to dedicate your time to, be sure to consider how much planning and preparation is required to be successful. Important, time-consuming pieces of job fair preparation include:

If you find yourself overwhelmed by multiple upcoming job fairs, take time to determine which one will be the best for your future goals and your current schedule. This will increase your chance for success and getting hired by recruiters!

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