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Career Fair Software Is Real And It's Wonderful

By Career Fair Plus

Career Fair Software Is Real And It's WonderfulAre you charged with planning and hosting career fairs? If so, then you know that this is no simple task. When you’re composing plans for the perfect job fair, there are a lot of factors to consider. As you’re putting all of these pieces together, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed and in need of a little help. Fortunately, we live in a world where there is technology for everything! For your next career fair, make use of career fair software.

What is career fair software?

If you didn’t know that career fair software is out there, you might have no idea what it is. Lucky for you, we’re the experts!

Career fair software offers help to those organizing and hosting career fairs. These applications have features like digital maps, employer lists, and real-time data. It is designed to ease the process of not just planning a career fair, but hosting and determining the success of the fair as well. An application that can be used on any mobile device, Career Fair Plus offers these benefits to career services departments.

Benefits of Career Fair Plus

For career services, this application offers tools to help plan a career fair. With an auto-assignment feature, all recruiters are evenly spaced out and assigned to booths. This removes the possibility of booths being double-booked or employers not having a space.

Career Fair Plus also offers the ability to upload a digital map of the fair. Having the layout available for students and employers saves time for career services employees.

One of the biggest benefits of career fair software is the ability to collect data and determine how successful the fair was. Career Fair Plus provides real-time analytics during the fair to help career services conclude which areas of the fair were prosperous and which areas can be improved on.

Students and Employers benefit from career fair software

The Career Fair Plus application is packed full of features for career services, employees, and students to use.

Students are able to access a list of employers that will be at the fair through the Career Fair Plus application. With the ability to see what employers will be at the career fair, students can research what the companies do, and any positions open that they might be interested in.

Skip The Line is one of the newest features of Career Fair Plus. Employers are able to set up appointment times to meet with students during the fair. Students sign up for these appointments through the Career Fair Plus app and upload their resume to their student profile. At the event, students show up for their appointment and avoid the long queue of other students waiting to speak to the recruiters.

Career fair software is beneficial for everyone involved. If you’re working in the career services office and are involved in planning the career fairs, then career fair software should be first on your list!
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