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Why Every Student Needs a Career Fair App

By Career Fair Plus

Why Every Student Needs a Career Fair AppThere’s no doubt that prepping for a career fair is a lot of pressure. These couple of hours have the potential to change your future. When facing this stressful day, students do well when they use whatever resources are available to make this experience less stressful. Students who use a career fair app make their day at a career fair easier.

What a Career Fair App Can Offer

There’s an app for everything, including career fairs. A career fair app has dozens of features that make attending a fair simpler, features like:


It’s not uncommon to forget about an upcoming career fair. Often times, life is busy and we get overwhelmed with school, jobs, and family. A career fair app provides students with reminders and updates so you do not forget this important event.

Employer lists

Downloading a career fair app before the fair, gives students an advantage. Available to the students, is a list of the employers that will be at the fair. This manifest allows students to research businesses prior to meeting with recruiters. Learning more about what a business is, what they do, and what positions they offer, give students a leg up on their competition.

Resume and student profile

Students can prepare to meet potential employers through the career fair app by creating a student profile with introductory and contact information, as well as uploading a resume. This also allows recruiters to make notes about their meeting with you and find information to follow up with you at a later time.

Digital maps

One of the most confusing parts of a career fair can be the layout. In an unfamiliar venue, surrounded by strangers and overwhelmed by nerves, navigating a career fair can be a bit much. A busy venue might be overwhelming and cause a student to overlook or miss a certain employer. Instead of trying to search ideal employers while negotiating the crowds, students can use the digital map feature on the career fair app. This map, available conveniently on smartphones, shows the layout of the venue and identifies where each employer will be set up.

Time savers

Career fair apps like Career Fair Plus have all of these above features, as well as a unique feature called Skip The Line. Skip The Line gives employers a chance to set up appointment times with students. Students sign up for their appointments to avoid standing in line at the employer’s booth and instead arrive at their appointment time.

With features available like the listed above, students using a career fair app are more likely to be successful in speaking with employers. They are able to diligently prepare for and navigate the career fair. Students need a career fair app to not only be ready for the career fair, but to have an advantage against other students at the fair, too. These resources are readily available for students to use before, during, and after the career fair.

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