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Achieve Success With A Digital Career Fair

By Career Fair Plus

A technology-enhanced career fair is an on-site career fair elevated to include various software, online, or digital technologies to create robust employer and candidate experiences. Adding social media, a mobile app, or other technologies to your in-person program maximizes opportunities to connect job seekers and employers.

If organizing a technology-enhanced career fair feels overwhelming...

It’s been a long time since career fair hosts mailed printed invitations to employers or advertised their event in a local newspaper. Technology changed the game years ago and it’s still evolving with each new social media platform or mobile app innovation. 

Managing the logistics of securing a venue, updating your website to announce the career fair, registering attendees, and assigning booth locations is a lot of work. Making timely social media posts or printing a current floorplan after last-minute changes can add stress. What’s the solution? 

...You might need a different technology partner!

You want a hosting partner whose technology adds digital benefits before, during, and after your job fair. Look for a company that can set up online registration for both employers and job seekers. Make sure you can adjust their software to capture your custom data fields (hint: Career Fair Plus).

Using Tablets at Events

Also, choose a hosting platform that helps you manage all the day-of logistics in a mobile app (another hint: Career Fair Plus). Finally, ensure the software captures critical evaluation analytics you can share with your team and employers (last hint: Career Fair Plus).

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Promoting on Social Media

Create multi-dimensional social media campaigns with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, post on any other social media platforms used by the job applicants you want to attend. Instagram is popular with college students, but trade association members might spend their time on LinkedIn. The secret to social media success is frequent and consistent targeted messaging. If you have the resources, dedicate someone to social media marketing full-time for the weeks before your career fair. If not, outsource the job to a marketing partner.

Attract sought-after employers with cost savings

As technology-enhanced career fairs become increasingly popular, employers are developing information videos, presentations, exhibit “booths” and social media content to attract job seekers. You can save your employers time and money if they can use these existing promotional materials in your technology partner’s mobile app or hosting platform.

Easy registration resume uploads, and pre-scheduled meetings

Adding technology to your in-person career fairs streamlines several crucial tasks that facilitate job seeker and employer connections, beginning with registration. 

Attendees can register in a designated event portal. Job seekers can build profiles including resumes, publications, or awards; employers can create company profiles showcasing open positions and corporate values. 

Additionally, if you choose CF+, recruiters can post customized meeting schedules before event day. Candidates reserve a spot by entering their email addresses for their preferred time. Fortunately, keeping that pre-scheduled meeting is easy with the CF+ real-time venue map displaying each employer’s booth locations. 


On the recruiting events continuum, technology-enhanced fairs are a step ahead of in-person programs and one notch away from virtual programs. Hosting a successful technology-rich recruiting event is as simple as choosing the right technology partner. Career Fair Plus is uniquely positioned to help you build in-person, technology-enhanced, virtual, and hybrid career fairs. 

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