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Be True to Your School: How Career Fairs Benefit Colleges & Universities

By Career Fair Plus

CF+ Landing pageIf you’re a certain age, a Beach Boys song is probably playing in your head now. But if you can’t hear the music, that’s OK--here are five good reasons to make it worth your click. And they’re all connected to the benefits of connecting students and employers at career fairs.


Confidence better connections

Returning to in-person recruiting means venues matter again. Campus locations are generally convenient and stress-free for students. Whether they live in university housing or local apartment complexes, they’re likely familiar with on-campus venues. And in this case, familiarity breeds confidence, whereas navigating to unfamiliar places adds worry to what’s often an already stressful day. 

Recruiters often prefer school settings, albeit for a different reason. They appreciate how students often engage more comfortably without the added worry of getting to and from an off-campus location. Relaxed conversations are more authentic and, therefore, beneficial for students and employers.  


Better connections more alumni contributions

The US Education Department College Scorecard “Includes information on institutional characteristics, enrollment, student aid, costs, and student outcomes,” including median earnings. To the extent personal income impacts alumni donations, facilitating better student-employer connections is smart. The nostalgia of positive undergraduate or graduate experiences also shapes donation behavior. So, when successful, high-energy recruiting events, especially those that launched careers, professional relationships, or friendships, are remembered favorably, later contributions might increase.  


First-time connections long-term alumni engagement

First-generation college students often lack generational professional contacts. Instead, they’re walking and logging into recruiting events without a parent or family member’s introduction paving the way. Career fairs are opportunities to build these connections and expand awareness of potential careers. Recruiting events also showcase what’s possible after graduating, validating individual (and family) financial sacrifices.  


Connecting with Career Fair Plus All the above 

Robust, navigable, and productive career fairs and recruiting events can positively impact universities and colleges for years after each graduating class. So, start at the top: Talk with a Career Fair Plus (CF+) team member before your next recruiting event planning meeting. We’re delightful people, always ready with practical tips and dependable solutions!


Our enterprise recruiting software is easy to use. We work as hard as our customers to deliver productive, rewarding, and cost-efficient recruiting events. CF+ is uniquely positioned to help you build in-person, virtual, and hybrid career fairs. 


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