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Generate Revenue with Employer Videos

By Career Fair Plus

How many hours a day does the average Gen Z’er watch video?

Answer: 3.4 hours (read more).

If you have been to a conference in the past year like we have, I am sure that you have heard about Gen Z and video. Gen Z came of age with ubiquitous video and expects it to be available wherever they are. Video is also a great way for employers to really get their brand across to prospective employees. Many employers are showcasing the following in their videos

  1. Work Environment
  2. Diversity
  3. Products and Services
  4. Brand Recognition

Candidates today want more than just high pay (though it is still very important). Many want to know “what a day is like” at their prospective place of work. Seeing existing employees and hearing them speak about what it’s like to work at a given place is a very powerful way of communicating. Video is also a very powerful way of showing that you have a diverse work force vs just saying it!

How do job seekers find employer videos?

So if employers have video, how do they get it in front of job seekers? Youtube? Vimeo? Email? Corporate Career Pages? Our research suggests that numbers of views through those channels are very low. On the other hand, Career Fair Plus has an average 75% adoption rate amongst fair attendees with extremely high usage rates. It follows then, that Career Fair Plus is a great channel to get employers’ video to students, so that students can really “see” what an employer is all about.

Will employers go for it?

Our initial trials suggest that employers will pay upwards of $400 to post their video in Career Fair Plus. The key is making sure employers know that this is an option.

Want to get started?

We recommend getting started early to allow your employers time to plan for video and having it built into your fair registration. If you are interested in video for your employers, please reach out to learn more about how we host and stream video inside Career Fair Plus.

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