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4 Things Career Fair Plus Shows Students that Handshake Can’t

By Career Fair Plus

Many Career Fair Plus customers have found our flexibility and customization to be invaluable and we wanted to share one of the ways that we let schools have it their way. Every school and organization is different with students that have unique needs. Career Services Offices often want to convey information that's specific to their fairs and relevant to their students which can be difficult in a "one size fits all" platform. Enter Career Fair Plus and supplemental imports! All of our customers that also use Handshake, know that we can use Direct Connect to pull in relevant fair data. What only a few also know is that we can import supplemental data that schools collect through survey questions as a part of employer registration. Handshake allows CSOs to collect custom data, but does not provide a way to easily share that data with students. Career Fair Plus makes it easy to setup custom fields and filters for many types of data. Four of the most common examples and why they are important are below.

1. Veteran Hiring Initiative

Many employers have programs to hire our veterans and support those who have made sacrifices for our country. Letting veterans know that an employer has a special program can go a long way in boosting their confidence when it comes to career fair time. In Career Fair Plus, veteran’s can easily filter to see which employers have special programs for them.

2. Freshman Friendly

If you encourage freshmen to attend career fairs, you probably also have some employers complain about freshmen stopping by when they don’t have opportunities for them. While, no employer likes to tell a student no, they may not understand that building relationships now can provide significant benefits in a few years. On the other hand, why not help out those employers that do realize the value of speaking with freshmen while making the experience better for the freshmen that attend by letting students easily filter for freshman friendly employers?

3. School Majors

This is a big one! How many times have your students been confused by the Handshake majors setup? If you said “all the time”, you are not alone. For some of our customers, the issue is so troublesome, they don’t sync majors from Handshake for career fairs. Instead, they have a custom survey question that lets employers choose from school specific majors and Career Fair Plus allow students to filter on those majors instead of a “one size fits all” major list. Something else of interest is that students using the Handshake app, can’t change the major filter to anything outside of their major even if they need to see a related major that would apply to them. Not so in Career Fair Plus… our app let’s users choose any major they want as a filter! With majors, we can actually do a lot more around hierarchies, minors and other special configurations. Just reach out to discuss more.

4. Graduate School Recruiting

Turns out that not everyone at a career fair is an “employer”! We see a lot of graduate schools at career fairs and they typically have some special and valid differences that they need to communicate to students. If the fair is entirely for graduate schools, we can customize the app to labels such as Schools or Organizations instead of Employers and Companies.

The Career Fair Plus Way

We believe that each school has specific needs and do our best to accommodate those needs instead of trying to fit you into a “one size fits all” product. While, these four are the most common, Interviewing Next Day, Diversity Initiatives, Size of Company, Location are some of the other custom fields we see from our customers. We have only highlighted one of the ways that we serve our customers and are happy to discuss other customizations as needed. If you have special cases that you would like to explore, please reach out!


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