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How To Dress For An Interview

By Career Fair Plus

When you are on the job hunt, it’s important to have an interview look in mind for the career you’re going after. Whether you’re applying to an entry-level position or you’re looking to become CEO, there’s a lot of tips to take into consideration if you want to be seen as a serious candidate from the moment you walk in the door.

Choose muted colors:

Muted colors may work in your favor; colors like black, white, navy, and gray may help better your chances in an interview. This might seem odd and although it would be nice to self-express with your favorite color like pink or red, it can be distracting to the interviewer. Wearing muted colors allows the people in the room to focus on the words that you are saying so it’s less likely their mind will wander to your clothes.

Dress for the job you want:

Before any interview, it’s smart to check Glassdoor to read up on the company and potential interview questions. However, Glassdoor can give deeper insight as well, like the culture and dress code that’s acceptable every day at the place you’re trying to land a job. This can help you dress a step above what they are looking for. A lot of people may not think this is necessary, but it shows that you put thought and effort into your look and preparing for the interview.

Wear what makes you comfortable:

When you feel comfortable, you will come across as naturally confident. You don’t want to be fidgeting with your body or clothes during an interview, that can be distracting to the interviewer. Even though you should dress for the job you want, choose appropriate clothing that you feel looks great on you. Here are some other things to think about if you want to feel comfortable and confident:

  • If you hate wearing your contacts, buy a new set of eyeglasses that you love on yourself
  • Don’t wear shoes that are difficult to walk in or give you blisters
  • Do a “dress rehearsal” to ensure you are satisfied with the comfort level and look of your outfit

Look neat and clean:

In addition to dressing the part, it’s important to look tidy and put together. Even if you’re just wearing a dress or casual pants and a button up, your outfit should be clean and smoothly ironed. This may seem obvious but you want to try to shower and get ready as close to your interview time as possible. After you shower, put on deodorant, but skip the perfume or cologne. Then, shave your face so it’s clean shave or has neat lines and freshly style your hair.

No matter the job you’re going after, it’s important to keep simple things in mind in like these to help you feel confident and ready for an interview. Looking clean, professional, and put together will leave a positive and lasting impression on your interviewers!



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