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Candidate Guide to Virtual Career Fair Success

By Career Fair Plus

What is a Virtual Career Fair?

A career fair is an event where candidates and job-seekers meet with companies and recruiters or hiring managers to learn about job opportunities and possibly interview for open positions. Career fairs go by different names including job fairs, hiring events, and recruiting fairs.

Career fairs may be hosted by schools, employers, or community and professional organizations. They are usually held in large public venues, such as auditoriums, sports buildings, and hotel meeting rooms. Some fairs are open to the public while others are only open to certain attendees. 

The pandemic and the concern for the safety of career fair participants has brought about a new trend for many employers: a Virtual Career Fair. In a virtual fair, job seekers can expect to network with recruiters and employers via video and text chat in both group settings as well as one-on-one interactions.

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What Can You Expect at a Virtual Career Fair?

For candidates, a virtual career fair can be the perfect place to catch the attention of potential employers. Being prepared for the fair is critical to ensure you make a great impression and leave with connections for your career growth. Here is a bit of what you can expect during career fairs.

The fair itself may involve individual booths, each assigned to a particular employer or department. As a candidate, you will be able to browse a list of employers at the fair so you can research employers and open jobs of interest to you. There may also be information booths for schools and organizations that are not directly related to employment.

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Make the Most Of Your Career Fair Experience

Most people who attend a career fair are looking for a job. That means they want the chance to connect with employers directly, present their resumes, and perhaps land a job interview. Here are some tips to help you succeed at the career fair.

Research Employers Before you Attend

Know which companies are at the top of your interest list and which ones are not. In larger virtual fairs, utilize platform tools - such as filters - to find the companies that are most relevant to you and your search. Read the company descriptions to find positions you’re excited about and tailor your resume to align your work history with the needs of the employers.

Dress Professionally

Look and feel confident. Some employers choose to hold video interviews on the day of the event. Always remember, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Have a Plan

There may be employers who join the fair last-minute. Review the employers and open positions the day of the event to see if there are any additional “must-sees” to include in your day. Rank your employers and plan your day out to ensure you can meet with each one.

Prepare your Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is an introduction designed to give the best impression of you, your experience, and your career ambitions. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20-30 seconds, hence the name. It should identify your goal, explain your skill set, and communicate what makes you unique.

Prepare to Interview

Have stories ready to describe wins that you’ve had in your career. Jot down duties that you’ve performed that closely relate to the job description of the position you’re seeking. Think about what you have done that you have enjoyed, what was challenging but rewarding when you accomplished the goal and exceeded expectations.

Grow Your Network

Another advantage of attending virtual career fairs is the opportunity to network with other attendees, recruiters, and organizations. Gain valuable contacts in your industry and follow up via LinkedIn connection requests or thank you notes with a reminder of your conversation at the career fair.

Look for Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to discussing open positions, some fairs offer professional development seminars related to your career or job search. Make the most of the time, look for seminars on popular topics such as employer information sessions, resume writing, or interview skills training.

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