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4 Ways Career Fair Software Makes Planning Hybrid Recruiting Events Easier

By Career Fair Plus

Organizing successful recruiting events is challenging work. Determining which program model best meets participant expectations and recruiting goals while staying on budget is particularly difficult. Blending in-person and virtual components into a hybrid career fair, while often the best solution, still requires thoughtful planning and promoting for both the on-site and online elements. 

Fair organizers at every level of experience, from novice to expert, welcome feature-rich technology to simplify tasks and enhance recruiting events. Please keep reading to discover four ways Career Fair Plus (CF+) supports you and your team’s dedicated efforts to deliver superior hybrid recruiting events.  


First things first: planning a hybrid career fair

Congrats, you’ve decided to host a hybrid recruiting event. Now what?

With CF+, you can choose from three different models:

  • Different Days -- Employers choose to attend the virtual day, the in-person day, or both.

  • Same Day-Different Times -- Virtual and in-person events occur on the same day but do not overlap. Employers choose to attend virtual, in-person, or both.

  • Same Day-Same Time -- One day where employers choose to attend only virtually or only in-person

With CF+’s robust, proprietary software, your team can customize each of the above options to accommodate staff resources, students’ schedules, and employers’ preferences. Two essential points to address as you consider if--then how--to go hybrid are: 

  1. Does your team have the capacity to produce in-person and virtual events as a combined program? 
  2. Is your team comfortable marketing a hybrid event?


Next steps: promoting a hybrid career fair 

You want to give employers and candidates maximum notice to get your event date on their calendars, plan travel if necessary, and prepare their digital materials. The marketing materials generated by CF+ software give you a head start promoting your career fair. Spend your time talking with potential attendees about a hybrid program's in-person and virtual options instead of creating ads, graphics, and email campaigns. 

And introduce them to the candidate and recruiter-friendly features available once they register. 


Prioritizing success: optimizing user-friendly software 

CF+ software delivers multiple features that guarantee a thumbs-up from attendees, including:

  • List of employers: candidates or jobseekers can research and prioritize which representatives they want to schedule in-person or virtual meetings.
  • Profiles and resumes: before the hybrid career fair, candidates can upload resumes, awards, or other distinguishing information to help employers preview attendees and follow up with preferred candidates after the event.
    Map on phone screen
  • Meetings: jobseekers can pre-schedule meetings with target employers, and recruiters can invite high-value candidates to book time on their posted schedule. Attendees can choose online or on-site meetings depending on the type of hybrid event you produce.
  • Digital maps:  CF+ software ends the frustrating search for on-site employer booths and ensures candidates find their way to pre-scheduled meetings with easy-to-follow floor plans.
  • Rich analytics: Empower employers’ post-event evaluations with practical data


And when it’s over: start planning your next hybrid fair by analyzing this one

After thanking your staff and attendees, trust the real-time analytics in CF+ software to assess success. Check trends and spotlight inconsistencies to inform future programs. 

Technology is a crucial factor in choosing the right career fair host, especially if you’re venturing into hybrid career fairs for the first time. Using our proprietary software, the CF+ team supports event organizers from planning to review. 


Career Fair+ is uniquely positioned to help you build in-person, virtual, and hybrid career fairs.

Request a call with one of our super-friendly problem solvers. 


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