Get Found: How To Promote a Career Fair

Posted by Career Fair Plus on Oct 23, 2017 10:47:11 AM

Get Found How To Promote a Career Fair.jpg So, you are hosting a career fair. You have picked the venue and have a list of the employers you are going to invite to the event. You know how many students are likely to attend. Now, it's time to put together the marketing plan for your event. What are some effective ways you can promote a career fair?

8 Ways You Can Promote Your Career Fair

  1. Tap into the student body email list - Whether you are holding a college-wide career fair or one just for students of a particular department, there is an email list somewhere that includes most or all of that student body. Send out a series of emails announcing the upcoming career fair. Be sure to send reminders the day before and day of the fair to ensure the students won't forget.

  2. Don't forget the alumni list - Many alumni are members of the local community. If your school maintains an email list for the alumni you might be able to use it. It can be a great way to promote a career fair among those who have connections with both the community and the school. They can spread the word to their network of friends and family. 

  3. Post on the career services office website/bulletin board - Most colleges have a job center or career services office, where students can get career counseling and find job/internship opportunities. Don't forget to post something to that department's website as well as to their physical bulletin board.

  4. Put signs out on the roads and common walkways - If your campus gets a lot of foot traffic, a sign along the sidewalk is a great way to attract attendees.

  5. Talk with student leaders - The leaders in your student body are almost always linked into the social network of the school. Make time to talk to these leaders and ask them to spread the word about the career fair. They can mention the upcoming job fair in general body meetings and in official communications that come from the student leadership office.

  6. Leverage social media - If your school has an active social media presence, it is an effective place to promote a career fair. Post regular updates on the school's Facebook page. Tweet updates and post pictures on Instagram. Wherever your school has a social media presence, leverage it to promote your career fair.

  7. Contact the local media - If you want to attract as many attendees as possible, local media can  also be a useful tool. Get in touch with radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, and local bloggers. You can even put together a media packet offering the details of the fair and a list of the employers who will be attending.

  8. Create a website promoting your career fair - This is the final piece of the puzzle. You have seven other methods to draw the attention of a potential attendee but a website is the glue that holds them all together.

  9. BONUS - Okay, we know we said a website was the final piece of the puzzle but it's almost 2018 and if your career fair doesn't have a mobile app, you are seriously hurting your promotional abilities. The use of a mobile app will not only add to the organization of a fair, but also serve as a tool for promoting the fair.

So, get out there and promote your fair. Good luck!

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