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How To Find Career Fairs Near Me

By Career Fair Plus

How To Find Career Fairs Near Me.jpg Career fairs are a great way to find a job. The more fairs you attend, the more employers you can speak with. The entire process can result in more interviews and a better chance to land a job. But, how do you find career fairs near you?

Google "Career Fairs Near Me "

You will find a lot of websites out there that list career fairs happening in the community. A simple search will bring up various options. Take note of upcoming career fairs in your area. If Google is unable to determine where you are searching from you may need to include your location in your search. An example of this would be, "Career Fairs Near New Orleans." These listings may only give a location and date, or you may be able to find a full list of employers attending. Regardless of how detailed the results are, Google is a great way to start your search.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Roadside Signs

We know what you are thinking. Roadside signs? Who does that? Well, schools and employers will often post roadside signs about an upcoming career fair. Above all else, you should always drive safely and if you see a sign for a career fair, pull over to take down the relevant information or better yet, use your phone to get a picture of the sign. A helpful hint we like to suggest is to be sure to add the career fair to your calendar so you won't forget.

Check Local Newspapers and Magazines

While Googling "career fairs near me " is the easiest option, you can still go old school and check out local newspapers and magazines to find them. The career fair notice may be in the form of an advertisement, listing in the classified section, or even as part of a story.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Put out the word to your friends and family. Ask them to let you know about any job fairs that they might hear about. You might be surprised by how many fairs your friends and family actually know about. If a fair is not well advertised this might be the only way you ever find out about it. The lesser known career fairs can sometimes give you great opportunities to get the attention of recruiters.

Talk with Your School's Job Placement Center

Almost every school has a job placement center or something similar. No matter what name your school calls such an office it is always a good idea to make time for a quick visit. Most will post "career fairs near me" opportunities on their website, but you never know what you will learn or see when visiting the placement center in person. The advisers that work there can fill you in on upcoming fairs and help better prepare you for when it comes time to attend one.

Whether your school hosts a career fair or an employer does, it is important to make the time to attend. It will get your face and resume in front of potential employers and it will give you valuable experience with interviewing. After all, most people don't get a job without first landing an interview.

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