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4 Tips For Gen Z To Land Their First Job

By Career Fair Plus

With the oldest people of Generation Z being born in 1995, it’s time for our youngest generation to hit the job market. Finishing up college and truly being out on your own can be scary, and trying to find a job on top of that isn’t easy. The entry-level job market is a hard one to break into, so we are lending a hand with tips on how you can land your first job.

Clean up your social pages

It’s no mystery that Gen Z spends the most time using technology and social media compared to other generations. Since they’ve likely had social accounts since the age of 10 years old, it’s time to clean up those pages.

First, get rid of cringe-worthy selfies, statuses, and tweets. Then make your profiles as private as possible, this shows that you have the pages and are in touch with connections and friends but value the privacy of your personal life. Then, set your profile photo to something high-quality and slightly professional. You don’t have to stick a career-worthy headshot on your personal Instagram, but something free of profanity, alcohol, and drugs is best. Finally, if you don’t already have one, create a LinkedIn account. It doesn’t take long and it will help you build connections in your area and in your desired field. Plus, you can even apply for jobs on the site, so make sure your online resume is up-to-date!

Match your look to the job you want

If you’re just out of college and know exactly the type of career you want, it’s smart to match your outside appearance to that job. Not only does this go for your social pages, but it should be reflected in your look in real life too!

If you’re trying to break into a professional field, then make sure you stock up on suits and ties, or dresses and heels. However, if you’re looking for a more laid back environment then it’s okay to simply level-up your current clothes for something just a notch more professional. Don’t forget that small details matter too; for guys, make sure that even your facial hair matches your field. No matter what, ensure that your face is well taken care of by using skin-protecting razors and shave solutions. For the ladies, avoid distracting items like big jewelry or neon nail polish that will take the focus off of what matters. When it comes to styling your hair, don’t feel like you have to make any drastic permanent changes. Take a look at the best job interview hairstyles to find some inspiration that complements your current cut and length.

Make connections

All throughout college, it’s important to make connections that may be useful in your future job hunt. This could be by getting close with a professor in your desired field, joining relevant clubs, or attending career fairs. You can never have too many people in the workforce to help you land a job.

In college or right after graduation, reach out to any professors you got particularly close with to get a letter of recommendation. This small, positive note can be the difference in you landing or not landing your first job. Plus, almost any entry-level position will want to see references, and without a previous job, it’s hard to find a reputable and professional reference.

Attending job fairs at your school is a great way to connect with employers and other job-seekers. Bearing in mind these job fair tips that work, come prepared with many copies of your resume, a business card if you have one, and quick pitch about yourself. This may be the key to getting a job you really want! If nothing else, you’ve made great connections with other people in your field (don’t forget to connect with them on LinkedIn too).

Don’t feel the need to take the first job offer

Even with all of this, it’s still important to remember you need to be happy at the company you’re about to spend eight hours a day with. And although you may be eager to break in the workforce, don’t be too eager and take the first offer you get if you don’t think it’s the best fit. It looks great on a resume to be in a position or with a company for long, so if you think this is just going to be a job you’ll have for a few months while you’re still searching for another, then skip it.

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