3 Tips For Locating Career Fairs Near Me

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3 Tips to Locating Career Fairs Near Me.jpgGetting a job in your desired field can be a challenge for students and inexperienced workers alike. Career fairs are one way to explore job options in an industry and to network with potential employers. The challenge we frequently hear about is "finding the career fairs near me". Fortunately, there are several techniques you can use to find these career fairs. Let's explore a few options.


Google has the ability to use your geographic location to narrow down events happening within a certain radius. That includes career fairs. Set up a time every week to run a search for "career fairs near me ". Make note of any new fairs and put them on your calendar.

You should also expand your radius to include neighboring cities and colleges. That way, you get the most opportunities to shine.

Check out career services office at your college

Almost every college has an office that helps students find jobs and internships. These offices often host career fairs or receive notices about fairs being held in the community. Most of these offices post these fairs online. However, it might be a good idea to check in with the office to see if they might have some opportunities not posted online.

It's worth noting that there is another thing you can look for while visiting the career services office, job postings. Career fairs are only one option to consider when looking for a job or internship.

Put the word out to family and friends

Your network begins with your family and friends. Let them know to keep an eye out for career fairs near them. The more the word gets out, the more likely you are to hear about job seeking events in your area.

Another reason to reach out to family and friends is to build the network of people that can notify you of job opportunities. Again, the whole reason you are looking for a career fair is so that you will end up with a job. So, if your search for a career fair results in you landing a job you can consider that an awesome bonus.

Check in with your target employers

Chances are if your education and training focused on one industry, you know the biggest employers in the sector. Keep an eye on their HR website. Some will post career fairs or similar events that they will be attending. If one of the employers is going, you will likely see others at the same event.

You can also be bold and call their HR office. Ask if they are attending any career events in your area. The worst they can say is "we don't give out that information".

These are just some of the techniques you can use to find career fairs near you. Once you locate a fair that interests you, it is time to get ready. Put it on your calendar and do some research on the employers scheduled to be there.

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