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3 Popular Virtual Recruiting Events

By Career Fair Plus

Whether you're filling immediate job openings or your talent pipeline, online recruiting works. In fact, some virtual programs are so welcoming and accessible, many candidates prefer interacting virtually to in-person recruiting.

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Virtual Career Fairs 

Recruiters and employers often prefer virtual career fairs for real-time access to a diverse talent pool. Candidates can participate in one-on-one and group meetings depending on the software you choose to host the fair.

But regardless of platform features, all recruiters and hiring managers should take advantage of live or recorded training webinars before candidates "arrive" on event day. And human resource staff might coach company representatives on engaging candidates, appropriate questions, and acceptable answers. 

Fair hosts and employers can each promote the virtual event. The broader and deeper these efforts, the larger the number of candidates likely to attend. You can capture job seekers’ attention weeks before the event with creative marketing and visually appealing promotional material.


Career Fair Plus Software Advantage--Flexibility: Recruiters customize their day by choosing the type and duration of each meeting. Hosts can encourage candidates to build detailed personal profiles and visit employers’ virtual booths before Fair Day.


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Virtual Open Houses

Hosting virtual open houses with interactive discussions is a popular choice for employers building their talent pipelines versus hiring immediately. 

In this case, talent acquisition specialists typically invite candidates to information sessions hoping to pique candidate interest by showcasing:

  • Realistic job previews highlighting what it’s like working in marketing, sales, or research
  • Career paths and/or employee success stories
  • Special projects candidates can look forward to joining
  • Company environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals

And while presentations can range from the macro-level topics above to department or even position-specific discussions, every session should include live Q&A. Of course, recruiters can prepare responses to frequently asked questions ahead of time to standardize company information across multiple presenters and sessions. 

As the virtual open house ends, thank candidates for attending and invite them to follow the organization’s social media channels. Personal follow-up builds a sense of belonging and likely keeps pipeline candidates interested.


Career Fair Plus Software Advantage—Group or 1:1 meetings: Host panel discussions or group meetings. For more personal conversations with target candidates, offer 1-on-1 meetings, too. Use candidate resumes and their public contact information to confirm your interest in them after the event.


Virtual Hiring Events 

Like virtual open houses and career fairs, candidates and employer representatives meet conveniently online with multiple opportunities to engage in group or individual conversations. 

However, unlike an open house or career fair, these virtual hiring events have a singular purpose: screen and extend job offers to target candidates.


Career Fair Plus Software Advantage--Interviews: Flexible scheduling for individual or panel interviews of any length. Hosts can share interviewing tips before the event, and hiring managers can add company-specific questions or materials for candidate review.


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Two steps to ensuring successful virtual open houses, career fairs, and hiring events

No matter which online recruiting event you’re hosting, there are two critical steps to success: prepare, and prepare.

  • Make sure candidates test their internet connections on whatever device they’re using to join the event and familiarize themselves with the software
  • Remind them to research preferred employers and complete their participant profiles. 
  • Communicate dress code and conduct expectations–yes, virtual events can have dress codes! 
  • Give them tech support links or contact information if they need assistance before and during the event

Regarding employers, 

  • Remind them to review virtual recruiting best practices
  • Encourage them to practice using the software you're using to host the event
  • Prompt them to share group meeting agendas with participating recruiters or company representatives and technical support instructions from the event host

Online recruiting is popular. Virtual events save time, money, and paper by eliminating travel and the need to print company marketing materials or resumes. 

Recruiters and hiring managers representing corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and K-12 school districts trust Career Fair Plus to help them showcase culture, career pathways, and open positions to job seekers.  

Our enterprise recruiting software is easy to use. We work as hard as our customers to deliver productive, rewarding, and cost-efficient recruiting events. CF+ is uniquely positioned to help you build in-person, virtual, and hybrid career fairs. 


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