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Why choose virtual or in-person recruiting when you can do both?

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What is Hybrid Recruiting?

Hybrid career fairs merge the benefits of virtual and socially distanced in-person events into one safe, personal, and cost-effective recruiting experience.

During 2020, virtual career fairs replaced in-person recruiting as the only way to connect employers and job seekers. Today, hybrid events elevate your options beyond virtual OR socially distanced into a complete, flexible, and convenient career fair.

Virtual, Socially Distanced & Hybrid, oh my!



An online recruiting event delivered via standard or custom software platforms to facilitate employer-candidate connections.

  • Custom Schedules
  • Multiple Meeting Formats
  • Strong Attendance Rain or Shine

Socially Distanced

The emerging term for post-pandemic, in-person recruiting events.

  • Say Hello Face-to-Face
  • Meter Traffic Flow with CF+ Scheduled Meetings
  • Interactive Event Map
  • Choose Your Own Booth!


Virtual or in-person recruiting happening at the same time or back-to-back.

  • Digital Documents for Portability
  • Early Access to Job-Seeker & Employer Profiles Leading to Stronger Engagement
  • Analytics to Determine the Success of the Event
  • Flexible Structure & Scheduling
  • Simple Registration, Confirmation & Best Practices Emails
  • All the Benefits of Virtual & Socially Distanced
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COVID-19 made virtual career fairs a necessity; the open access, time savings, and cost reduction made them popular.

Career Fair Plus makes them easy.

How Do I Host a Hybrid Career Fair?

You host a hybrid career fair by partnering with a team of recruiters, hiring managers, and former job seekers who built a technology company to revolutionize recruiting--a.k.a., Career Fair Plus.

5 Reasons to Host with Career Fair Plus

1. You give job seekers proprietary tools to maximize time with recruiters.

2. You give employers proprietary tools to capture meaningful analytics around engagement & participant satisfaction.

3. You get award-winning support from your first contact. 

4. Multiple pricing options, including Unlimited, the smorgasbord of Career Fair Plus Services. 

5. Free t-shirts!  Career Fair Plus customers who crush their recruiting goals using our platform get cool clothes!

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