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Save Time Planning Your Career Fair With The Booth Assignment Tool

By Career Fair Plus

Here at Career Fair Plus, we get a lot of satisfaction from listening to our customers and providing career fair technology solutions that solve real problems. Our entire service is built around saving career fair organizers time while improving outcomes for their job seekers. A great example is our Booth Assignment Tool. Customers tell it us saves them anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days worth of work when planning their fair. The biggest benefits of the Booth Assignment Tool are:


Visual Planning

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With the Booth Assignment Tool, you can easily see all of your employers on the left with their current assignments and your map on the right. Each Yellow Box is an open booth while each Green Box has been allocated to an employer. Assigning is as easy as clicking an employer name and then clicking the booth to which you want to assign them. Alternatively, you can click a booth and pick the employer that should go there from a pop-up.


Eliminate Errors

In the days before the Booth Assignment Tool, we manually processed thousands of booth assignment spreadsheets and nearly 80% of them had errors ranging from missing employers, to employers without booths, to employers with booths that didn’t exist on the map, and even booths assigned to multiple employers accidentally. The Booth Assignment Tool virtually eliminates the possibility of these errors by preventing accidental double assignments and making it very easy to see which employers are missing assignments. Customers tell us this is a big part of time savings as they no longer need to triple and quadruple check their work.



As with all of our career fair technology, we built the Booth Assignment Tool through many discussions with career fair organizers. What we learned is that most of you strategically assign some fraction of your employers to very specific booths based on sponsorship, lines or the need for electricity. The remaining employers just need to get a booth. Auto-Assign allows you to manually place as many employers as you choose and then with two clicks, assign every remaining employer with no errors! And if you prefer to alphabetically assign employers from the start, you can be done with your assignments in 2 clicks using Auto-Assign.


Filtering Employers

Another common method for assigning employers is to group them by Industry or other category. Again, the Booth Assignment Tool lets you search for any keyword in the employer’s profile and create a filtered list. Start at the top of the list and click a booth for that employer, the tool auto advances to the next employer in the list and makes this job as easy as clicking a few booths.


Bonus Features

Here are a few extras since you made it this far!

Printable Floor Plan

Do you need a printable floor plan with an overlay of employers’ booth locations? Our Booth Assignment Tool lets you export and print your maps in resolutions ranging from small to ludicrously large!

Exportable Assignments

You can also export a spreadsheet containing employer names and booth assignments for later import into any other system of your choosing.

Multiple Rooms, Multiple Days

Last, but not least… the Booth Assignment Tool also handles your very complex case of having your assignments spread over multiple rooms across multiple days. So don’t worry, we have you covered.



The Booth Assignment Tool is available to all Career Fair Plus customers. We know it will save you time and stress when you are deep into getting your fair ready for the big day. And, we are always looking for feedback to make your job easier and your fairs more successful. If you would like a demo or want to learn more, be sure to reach out and let us know.

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