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Achieve Success With A Digital Career Fair

By Admin

How do you achieve success with a digital career fair? By defining clear goals and executing the steps to get there. A digital career fair combines the best of the traditional job fair with the benefits of social media and other new technologies. The primary purpose of a career fair is to introduce hiring organizations and potential applicants. Your job as host is to make create and promote an event that appears seamless but meets the needs of everyone attending.

Organizing a Digital Career Fair

The days of mailing invitations by postcard and renting advertising space in the local newspaper have been replaced by modern technology. Both the companies who will rent booths at your fair and their prospective employees expect focused and frequent communication through email and social media. Coordinating communication through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram can quickly become overwhelming. And that’s before you add in the other tasks such as finding a space for the job fair, renting booths, setting up a webpage, and promoting your fair. Fortunately, you can find an experienced technology partner who will guide you through the process.

Find a Technology Partner

Where do you start? Start by searching for a technology partner like Career Fair Plus who will provide an end-to-end solution. Your partner should be able to execute the invisible, underlying technology needs as well as the promoting and actual hosting of your digital career fair. The right partner will complement your organization's strengths with technical and social media expertise.

Attract Top Companies

Companies that attend digital job fairs are looking for employee sourcing opportunities, but they also want to maximize their resources. Why pick your digital career fair over others? Organizing smooth, high-quality event is crucial. You can increase the enticement by giving attending organizations the opportunity to reuse the materials they have already commissioned. The Career Fair Plus app leads the college market in career fair technology so many businesses can incorporate the same virtual booth, videos, presentations, and social media outreach that they use at other digital career fairs.

Choose a Partner with an Extensive Contact List

Promotion is vital to your career fair's success. Work with your technology partner to attract organizations that will benefit from your fair. Take advantage of your partner's contact base. More than 100 colleges use the Career Fairs Plus app to set up career fairs so they have solid relationships with thousands of hiring companies. In turn, recruiting top companies for your career fair will attract better attendees.

Social Media Campaigns

Work with your technology partner to create multi-dimensional social media campaigns with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Use additional social media accounts used by the job applicants you want to attend. Instagram is popular with college students, but a trade association may be a better fit for your target base. The secret to success on social media is frequent and consistent targeted messaging. If you have the resources dedicate someone to social media marketing full-time for the weeks before your career fair. If not, outsource the job to your technology partner. They will have the experience and resources you need.

Encourage Pre-Registration

One of the many advantages of digital job fairs is that attendees can pre-register and post resumes before the event. This gives companies time to identify the people they want to meet during the fair and set appointments. The Career Fair Plus app makes these communications seamless and allows job seekers to schedule interviews without time conflicts. The Career Fair Plus application also shows a real-time map of company booths at the fair so that applicants can find the recruiters they are looking for.

Achieving Success

You can achieve success with a digital job fair by defining your goals, then partnering with a company who knows how to create and manage the event to meet those goals. The right partner will complement your existing skills and knowledge with the event management and technology know-how to make your career fair a success.

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