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4 Reasons Why Virtual Career Fairs Are Better Than Regular Career Fairs

By Career Fair Plus

If you are looking to start your first job or you are looking to change careers, you might start going to career fairs to learn more about your options. Traditionally, most career fairs have been face-to-face interactions with hundreds of people, but the digital age has made it a lot easier to have virtual career fairs, and despite their novelty, there are many reasons why they might be better than regular career fairs.

It’s more intimate

It may seem counterintuitive, but events that are held online are often a lot more intimate than those that are held in person. Why? Simple; online events are usually targeted affairs, which makes it easier to find and access specific information relevant to one’s particular field. Rather than being bombarded with lots of potentially irrelevant information, you will be able to more easily access that information that is beneficial to you, allowing you to make an informed decision about your career.

A wider and fairer reach

Because virtual career fairs are all held online, it is easier for event organizers to reach a wider audience than at a face-to-face event, which would typically only be accessible to people within the physical vicinity. Online events are also a lot more inclusive because they allow minority groups to have access to seminars, people, and opportunities that they may not have had access to before. Those with physical disabilities or financial constraints may not be able to attend a regular career fair as easily, however online career fairs can help to level the playing field. While typically career fairs have been linked to specific schools or companies, the shift to online career fairs has allowed these events to be accessible to a wider section of the community. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for the best jobs for school leavers, or an experienced candidate interested in a career change, virtual career fairs can be beneficial.

It’s easier to network

If you want to expand your professional network, virtual career fairs can be a great place to start. Some people find it hard to network at face-to-face events because they may feel awkward talking to people who are leaders in their chosen field, or because there may be lots of people clamoring for answers to their questions. At a virtual event, you may find it easier to have important conversations with people one-on-one. This may also make it easier to establish a relationship with someone due to the closer conversation opportunity, as well as the more natural transition to email correspondence. 

Save your time and money

Other perks of attending virtual events over physical events are the time and financial savings. Without a car, or money for other means of transportation, it can be difficult for some to attend face-to-face events. Virtual career fairs alleviate worries about these costs; with just a computer and internet access, attendees of a virtual fair don’t even have to leave their home. It can also be time-consuming to travel to various destinations for in-person career fairs, especially if the events are far away. 

Moreover, face-to-face events often have booths from sponsors or partners that are there purely to make money, so you may be swayed to spend at these events. At virtual events, attendees can instead devote the time, money, and energy that was saved in travelling to and from the event to preparing for the fair and focusing on their interests. 


These are a few of the reasons why virtual career fairs are better than regular career fairs, and despite other advantages of physical events, there is a wide-scale push for more events to go online where possible. Thus, although the jury is still out on whether virtual events are on the same level as face-to-face experiences, there are clear reasons as to why they are becoming more and more popular.

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