Reach students where they live, on their phones. Allow students to craft their career fair strategy by researching companies, navigating floorplans, and getting alerts for workshops and events, all while on the go. Trust us, they'll love you for it.


Career fairs aren't just set and forget; things change. Companies sign up the day before, events change locations, and last minute announcements have to be made. Help keep your students up to date with the latest information, even on the day of the fair.


Why print, store, and distribute thousands of programs just to throw them out after the career fair? Augment, or even replace programs with Career Fair Plus. (And keep your ad revenue too! Ask us how.)

TWO YEARS AGO... a small team of engineers and designers set out to make career fairs easy.

Having been involved with career fairs, both as students and as recruiters, we understand that career fairs can be stressful and time consuming. Between having to juggle programs, resumes, give-aways, busy class schedules on the day of the fair, life gets hectic, fast. We've created an app that enables career services professionals to aid students in preparing for fairs, while reducing the stress of the entire career fair experience.

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